About EthiMed

EthiMed is first of its kind managed care program with an extreme focus on patient engagement and value to help achieve dual goals of optimizing healthcare expenditures and health outcomes. Our preventive and curative campaigns ensure health issues are diagnosed early, leading to better outcomes in the long run.

How is EthiMed different from other healthcare marketplaces or OPD insurance?

We believe that the best health outcomes result from a team of experienced doctors, great in-premise experience and a continuous engagement program. We partner with only the top medical professionals and work closely with them on patient experience to ensure EthiMed Pass subscribers are the biggest beneficiaries of quality and affordable healthcare.

About EthiMed Team

EthiMed founding team brings along 25+ years of cumulative experience in various parts of healthcare ecosystem and is connected by a common passion to improve quality and affordability of patient care. As Ethipreneurs, we merge ethical thinking with an entrepreneurial attitude to bring forth a radical change in the way we consume healthcare.